Water Systems

Water Systems

Water quality can affect your home, your appliances and your health. Your water pipes bring iron, manganese and other hard elements into your home which can affect the efficiency of appliances. Your health can be affected by natural elements such as radon, uranium and arsenic that may be found in your water.

Maine Radon Solutions can test and treat your water by creating a water treatment solution. Below are the most common issues we treat. If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed below, please contact us.

Radon Water Mitigation/Removal

Aeration - Maine Radon Solutions uses this water treatment solution in the vast majority of homes and it is typically the solution we recommend first. The radon gas is released by air bubbles in the water. Venting will then remove this radon to the outdoors.

This solution minimizes the buildup of radioactive materials. An aeration unit will require the water to be repressurized after it is treated, and care must be taken to ensure the radon gas is properly vented outdoors. The venting must be done above the roof line and have an auxiliary fan to ensure safe removal of the radon gas.

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) - This technique utilizes activated carbon to absorb the radon gas from the water. Once the radon is absorbed, it will decay in the carbon. We can only implement this solution if the radon concentration in your water is low enough to meet EPA standards.