Water Systems

Water Systems

Water quality can affect your home, your appliances and your health. Your water pipes bring iron, manganese and other hard elements into your home which can affect the efficiency of appliances. Your health can be affected by natural elements such as radon, uranium and arsenic that may be found in your water.

Maine Radon Solutions can test and treat your water by creating a water treatment solution. Below are the most common issues we treat. If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed below, please contact us.

Iron and Manganese

Iron will cause your water to have a metallic taste and odor as well as an orange stain. If it is accompanied by manganese it will cause a chocolate brown stain and may contain a hydrogen sulfide gas odor. Water treatment for iron depends on the form of iron in your water.

Various water conditioners or filters can be used to treat your water depending on the form in which the elements exist and the water chemistry.

Ferrous Iron: This is most often referred to as clear water iron and is dissolved in the water. These materials cannot be filtered and must be removed with the help of chemical changes. Ferrous iron can be removed be either using a water softener or a two-step process called oxidation filtration.

Ferric Iron:This is referred to as red water iron because it will give the water a cloudy reddish/orange appearance. This is rust and is the result of ferrous iron once it oxidizes. This type of iron can be filtered. Ferric iron is removed by filters since the iron is already oxidized.

Organic Iron:This is sometimes called heme-iron or pink water. This is actually iron combined with dissolved organic matter. This water will appear clear and only have color if the iron concentration is high enough. Organic iron is typically treated with an anion resin in tank that uses salt like a water softener.

Colloidal Iron:This will look like red water iron but is not easily filtered. The iron particles do not form large enough pieces to settle and be filtered. This type of iron is treated by flocculation or ultrafiltration.